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It was in late 2015 as Market Buy founder, David Stewart, sat with 17 contract offers in front of him, each with its own merits and each needing to be communicated not just to the sellers, but back to the buyers as well.

It was going to be a very late night and more than a few people were going to end up unhappy and feeling like they’d missed out on securing the property of their dreams.

“There must be a better way” – David Stewart, late one night in 2015.

It was out of this frustration that Market Buy was born - designed to alleviate the stress and frustration for all parties in the transaction, while providing transparency and significantly enhanced and real-time communication.

Market Buy is the ideal win-win situation for everyone involved in a real estate transaction. Buyers, buyer's agents and sellers are all kept informed in real-time, alleviating the stress of not knowing where things are at, while ensuring the conversations you have with them are the important high-value conversations.

We've come along way since 2014 and our tech has evolved into the most powerful, flexible online offer management platform in the world. It's a not so humble-brag, but where else can you run any type of sale, including a hybrid strategy of your own creation, all on the one platform ... and swap between strategies as the real-time market feedback dictates.

We've been agents ourselves and we're proud of our 'Agent First' culture. Agents are and will always be central to successful real estate transactions and our job is to enhance what agents do, by providing real-time communication and transparency in the offer process.

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